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Mastering The Light Within

Updated: May 20, 2020

The "light" that I am referring to is that part of divine existence that resides within you. Mastering this energy is about the gaining of skills and tools so we can move with the creative force of existence into divine flow. When we are willing to play and be clear about what we want, existence responds with the unfolding of opportunities, creative ideas and flow. Here are some ways to start mastering the light within.


Clarity is a fundamental element of mastery. Clarity is required by your thoughts, intentions, manifestations, clarity of the spoken word and energy signature. Be clear about your goals and what you want that light energy to do or how you want to play with it. Clarity requires simplicity and focus.


Existence wants us to achieve our goals and we are supported in the pursuit of our goals. The key to mastering this light within us is to dance with it in a flow of movement and grace. Staying still in one place to stagnate is not the way of this energy. It does rest but it does not stagnate. Always move towards your goals. Moving your thoughts, your body, your mind in the direction of your goals even just a small movement forward everyday will eventually get you there. What is an action that you can take now that is in the direction of you goals? Do it now. You are going to have every reason to give up, it is a choice to persevere with love.


To truly master the light within, we need to have values that we hold ourselves accountable to. Mine are integrity, kindness and wisdom. With every action I take or decision I make I can hold myself accountable to my values to see if I have succeeded or if I need to change my approach. Was the action I took from a place of integrity, did I show kindness, was it wise? These values are something that you set for yourself. I would suggest three or four values. Any more may leave you feeling confused or with a sense of failure. Values can be something like truth, authenticity, honesty, excellence, courage, strength, grace, harmony, loyalty, gratitude and so on.

What are your values?

I added kindness as one of my values as I truly wish to master it. I think I am well on my way with integrity and wisdom but I truly aspire to be kind. Values act as a compass to guide us with decision-making and to help us see where we can improve. We are completely supported by existence to be in alignment with our values. Resistance arises when we are in conflict with these values.

We may not be able to master all of existence quite yet of course but we can learn to master that part of existence, the light, that resides in each and every one of us. As we are connected to all things, we are also connected to the answers.

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