Workshop Testimonials

Wow, just did Basic Theta Healing with Talia. Was blown away with the course and learnt so much more than I expected. Talia is patient, thorough and full of wisdom. She easily guided us through the processes and helped us feel confident in our ability. I highly recommend working with Talia.

Theta Healing Basic DNA Seminar - Cherie

This course was amazing. Talia is such a compassionate, supportive, knowledgable & zen person. It is clear she is an expert in the field & is motivated to share her knowledge. I found myself through this course, for that I am eternally greatful. The astral plane is fascinating place!! Do the course, you wont regret it. :) 

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Holly

I have attended the astral travellers workshop. I went as I was curious more than anything. The impact it has had on my meditation has been incredible. I look forward to meditating as a way to have an adventure instead of something vague I did to "calm myself". The class did focus me more in my waking life. I love it LOVE IT

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Taku

Give yourself the opportunity to be free! Talia created a welcoming & warm environment. The content was interesting & well stepped/built each week. The amazing thing I saw looking back is the intention was to be open to travel, but you opened you to yourself. The acceptance & openess of all people within the course was lovely.

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Linda

I had an amazing journey over the last 6 weeks. It has assisted me with my "awakening", my realisation and understanding that there is more to us than just the physical body, and that there are also so many more possibilities for us to explore. It has connected me to myself and made me realise that the answers and my power is within me. Talia is a beautiful soul and has so much to give. Thank you so much.

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Lynette

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and experience new sides of themselves. Talia is warm, helpful and easy to communicate with. I can't wait to learn more!

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Klaudia

Thank you so much it was better than awesome. I learnt so much in a short time now I use it everyday in my life.

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Mark

Thank you Talia! Your guidance through this workshop was great and I achieved what I set out to plus a whole lot more! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Astral Travel & Meditation Workshop - Juliet

This course was full of surprises for me personally. The meditations presented revelations I hadn't expected. I would encourage anyone attending who is looking for their soul Purpose to attend this course.

Awaken Your Soul Purpose - Deborah

Within a day you can get to your own heart and you start yourself with this course. he information and activities, you find that you have already taken the first step in your own life and in your own personal power. Very well structured and very cleverly done.

Awaken Your Soul Purpose - Linda

Healing Session Testimonials

Secondly, I had a healing with Talia and even though I am a believer the fact that it worked immediately still blew me away. I slept solidly for the first time in months and woke up without feeling like Id run a marathon all night. My nose has been running for weeks - it stopped, just like that. Un - freaking - real - Do I recommend her? You bet your "beep" I do.

Taku - Gold Coast


I wanted to take the time to thank you Talia. Throughout the many healing sessions I have had with you, you have always made me feel comfortable and safe. I have come to trust you completely and know that you are working from your heart. The things that you see and know without prior knowledge amaze me and you always just seem to know what I need. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Julie - Brisbane

Talia is amazing!!! She has helped me so much by Removing blockages and helping me feel more focused and clear.and even helping me come out of a depressive state! I would and have been recommending her to everyone I can. do yourself a favor and book an appointment, you owe it to yourself!

Joseph - Gold Coast

From my first meeting with Talia I felt really comfortable with her. Talia’s natural intuitive abilities along with her kind and gentle approach helped me to see with clarity a new perspective of myself and what has held me back in the past while helping me to feel I can move forward easefully and with confidence starting a new chapter in my life. I Highly recommend booking a session with her.

Kathleen L - South Burnette

I've been lucky to have a couple of Theta healing sessions with Talia now and I'm thoroughly impressed by her accuracy on picking up on my physical ailments and the emotional concerns relating to these. She has a knack for asking the right questions, to really get to the root cause of these issues, and then ultimately helps resolve them through the Theta Healing method and her impressive intuition. She has a beautiful spirit and is incredibly knowledgeable on all things spiritual and crystal related. I'd highly recommend a session with her x

Hayley - Gold Coast

My experience of Talia is that she is a gifted healer capable of extraordinary shifts that really make a difference in your life. Her gentle caring nature is evident from the moment you meet her. I'm sure you will find working with her of great benefit in your life. Thankyou Talia for everything.

Karen - Brisbane

I 100% recommend Talia at All that is to everyone I know. I have an extraordinary experience every time and believe her theta healing sessions have helped me "re-wire" some beliefs, thoughts and feelings that weren't serving me and opened me up to a clearer vision of my path and potential. I feel spiritually and physically light and floaty after my sessions. Thank-you Talia for sharing your unique gift, you are an exceptionally intuitive, caring and talented woman.

Kira - Gold Coast

I have really enjoyed working with Talia. I live in WA so skype is how I communicate with her. She has been so kind and has helped me a lot with seeing things in a new way and feeling better in myself. She is extremely knowledgeable and has that calm about her. Thank you Talia.

Tanya - Perth

Sometimes in life, you need to talk things through with a person who can see things/situations you can't. Whenever I visit Talia, I come away feeling refreshed and revitalised. It's like I've been taken on a wonderful exciting journey to places I didn't know I could go to. If you have tried meditation but are not 'feeling it' let Talia guide you and help focus on your neglected spirituality - we are often too busy with life to even think about our core being. Thanks for your help Talia. I really needed that time to heal myself and focus on my wellbeing.

Oliver - Auckland, NZ