Temple of the Great Central Sun

There are different theories as to what is actually at the centre of our universe; a super star, a black whole or a portal into the next dimension. The idea of the Great Central Sun arose in the nineteenth century where it was thought that our galaxy rotated around Alcyone in the Pleiades star cluster. Of course now scientists believe there is a super massive black hole located in the direction of Sagittarius that our universe rotates around.

In spiritual terms, we perceive the Great Central Sun or the Central Sun as a higher level of consciousness. An awareness that can be attained through spiritual evolvement. It embodies the teachings and light codes of the golden ray; wisdom, love and unified consciousness. It allows us to understand the zero point of creation, the space where all potential exists and where all is one.

In my personal journey to the Temple of The Great Central Sun, I received a significant aha moment.

I wanted to know what was in the centre of our universe and decided to take an astral adventure. I was lead to go through our Sun as it was connected to other stars in our galaxy and universe. Instead of arriving at the central sun, I was taken to the temple of the central sun. There, I met beings who I now recognise as the Elohim or the god makers.

They invited me into the temple where I received a massive upgrade of light codes and the wisdom of the Golden Ray. The feeling was intense to say the least. After the energy had settled somewhat, I was itching to proceed to the sun. They told me I could go and they would continue to work on my astral body. It was as through my astral self had split in two. Rather, I felt another aspect of my astral self step out of my original astral self. One aspect, continued to receive the upgrades, the other continued to the central sun.

It was the first time in my many years of cosmic adventuring that I had more than two experiences of self simultaneously. From this awareness, I was able to explore even more timelines and parallels than I ever imagined.

I have previously taken a meditation group to the central sun and have recorded a short guided meditation so you can join in as well if you choose. I implement the connection between Earth and our Sun as an anchor point which easily leads you back home.

Download the meditation here.

Happy travels!

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