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Do Past Relationships Hold You Back?

Does your ex pop into your mind on a daily bases? Maybe every flower, rock, plant or dog triggers an emotional memory of them (whether it be rage or longing). This is a clear sign that you are still exchanging energy with that person on some level.

If you are newly single, if you have been single for a while or if you would like to get back out into the dating world but you feel resistance or a pull back to past relationships, I have a process that I use with my clients to help clear the energy of past relationships so they can move forward with confidence.

In moments of intense emotional exchange whether it be love, intimacy or even in times of arguments or cruelty, we can unknowingly give our energy to the other person. This can be done through soul fragments or an energy cord can be created which allows them to take energy from you and vise versa.

A soul fragment retrieval may be required to disrupt this exchange. For those who were in long-term relationships whether you were married or not, an energetic divorce might also be suitable. This is actually quite a simple technique to do but if you find you are still thinking about them constantly, then you need to also look at how it serves you to hold on to their energy.

Are you using the awful memory of them to prevent you from making the same mistakes again? Do you want them to suffer? Are you scared of letting them go due to fears of not finding someone better? We need to dive deep into the “Why?” so they can fully be release back into the wild.

Once, soul fragments have been returned, if you are still feeling the after effects of trauma from the relationship, low self-worth or low energy, then a healing session may be required to help shed some light on the situation, to heal and to let them go.

Here is a simple process to release energetic cords and soul fragments from past relationships:

  1. Center your awareness in your heart space.

  2. Feel the energy from the center of the earth come up through the soles of your feet.

  3. As this energy rises up through your entire body allow it to open and activate all of your chakras and form ball of light at the top of your head.

  4. See yourself in this ball of light and imagine going up past your space, up past the atmosphere, up past the universe, through the layers of white light and dark light, through the golden layer, through the colourful layer, through the pink mist and into the pear iridescent light of the 7thPlane.

  5. Say to yourself “Creator/Devine Intelligence/Source (which ever you resonate with), It is commanded that all light cords connecting myself and (person’s name) be instantly released to the light with all portals closed, it is commanded that all soul fragments that I have of (person’s name) and that (person’s name) has of mine, be instantly released, cleansed through the light and returned to the rightful owner. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. Show me.”

  6. Sit quietly and witness or feel the soul fragment take place.

  7. Rinse off your energy field and reground yourself.

The above process will also be beneficial if you are going through a rocky patch in your current relationship. It can help wipe the energetic slate clean and aid in clear communication.

Try this command if you would like an energetic divorce from a past relationship:

“Creator/Devine Intelligence/Source (which ever you resonate with), It is commanded that and energetic divorce be done between myself and (person’s name) this day of our time, throughout all life times ever lived, all languages ever spoken. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. Show me.”

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Supportive Crystals:

Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Ruby Fuchsite

Self-love, realignment and balancing hormones, healing, sooth the broken heart.

Kyanite, Celetite, Labradorite

Clear communication, connection with self and partner, self-expression, truth and trust.

Clear Quartz, Apophyllite

Cleansing the energy of the home and past relationships.

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