Talia provides one-on-one sessions for Theta Healing, Cosmic Readings and Mentor sessions. These sessions are mainly conducted online via Zoom or by phone with the occasional in-person sessions available in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Theta Healing Sessions

Beliefs are the filters that turn on or turn off our ability to produce the things we desire in our lives. When you say you “can’t” you create a paradigm that prevents you from getting what you want. When you say you “can”, you open up to the possibilities and opportunities.


In ThetaHealing we follow the surface beliefs to identify the key beliefs. Once a key belief has been located, removed or transformed and replaced with a new belief, significant changes can occur. 


The ThetaHealing technique helps to easily release past resentments, regrets, guilt, negativity and fear, which can take a massive toll on our physical bodies. They create roadblocks to our success in relationships, health, finance and manifestations.


Transmuting beliefs that no longer serve us aligns us to a higher vibrational resonance to the things that we want and our desires are more easily manifested.


In our sessions we will start with a meditation that brings us into a Theta brainwave. From this Theta state we discuss what you would like to manifest or change in your life and then we start the “digging” process (following the surface belief to find and transform the key belief). If there is a physical illness we can also communicate with the body directly to help it heal.

It is recommended to book at least 3 healing sessions but feel free to book your first session to see if Theta is right for you. See the video below for more information about Theta Healing Sessions.

Cosmic Readings

You will receive insights into your star family lineage and divine gifts. You will receive guidance from your star family and guides, clarification on the reasons for your current incarnation and activate any dormant divine gifts in your cosmic DNA. Feel a sense of connectedness, calm and belonging as you integrate this high frequency of loving and healing energy from the cosmos. Full comprehensive reading with healing and basic readings available.


What is a Cosmic Reading & Healing Session?

So many of us feel a deep connection with the stars. Almost a longing for a time and place beyond this earth realm that we often can't explain. There may be a sense that you originated somewhere else. Well the truth is, many of us do have a cosmic connection (either through our guides or soul families) or a direct link to other star systems. We often call these people StarSeeds. Beings who originated from a different time and space to come to earth for the human experience.


There are specific traits and skills associated with the various star systems that we are able to tap into during a session. Wether you resonate with the term 'StarSeed' or not, these sessions provide insightful information in the form of messages specifically for you as well as various activations if required such as the pineal gland chakra, cosmic chakra and soul star chakra.


A person may have connections to several star systems and some may resonate with a very specific frequency. We are all unique and each reading is also. The purpose of these readings is to provide connection. To provide a link for the individual so they know they are not alone on their journey. There is a sense of comfort after a session and often answers to questions you hadn't thought of yet.


Some people will already have a sense of their cosmic connection so Talia will briefly discuss this along with any questions you may be seeking answers for. The session begins with a brief meditation followed by a pineal gland chakra activation (for a comprehensive reading). This activation not only helps to increase your own intuitive abilities but it also acts, in a way, like a transmitter/receiver. A reading is then given. Talia receives the information about your star connection in various forms including messages, symbols, visuals and so on. 

Mentor Sessions

These sessions offer valuable insights and information for those working in, or about to work in, the spiritual field. Whether you are a healer, life coach or wellness coach, we can work through any beliefs that may be out of alignment with your success in your field with practical steps to take to master your mind, your delivery of products or service to be the highest expression of your soul.


Sessions & Workshops

  • One hour session via phone, video call (some in-person available)

    1 hr


  • 30 minute session via phone or video call.

    30 min


  • One hour mentor session for healers.

    1 hr



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