• Talia

Do you know what an answer from Source feels like?

It can vary from a subtle whisper to a gargantuan slap in the face. It feels different to an answer from your mind, body and higher self. Answers can come in a variety of ways it all depends on how you are able to receive it and of course, the quality of the question.

Sit quietly for a moment; centre your awareness in your heart space. Ask the question “how do I feel”? The first response is usually the mind. Take

note of how you received the answer. For me it is usually a word that I feel around my head. Next ask your body “how do I feel”? The body will bring your attention to certain parts of the body like your shoulder, hips, stomach etc that feel good or not so good. It will move your attention around. Follow it and see what comes up.

Next ask your higher self “how do I feel”? For me, an answer from my higher self feels like it comes from about 30cm above my crown chakra. It’s also an inner knowing and there is a distinct difference from this compared to the mind. When I ask Universe/Source “how do I feel”? I get an answer back before I finish the question “How do you want to feel”? The answer feels like it comes from everywhere instantly, like a small whisper. Give it a go and get familiar with how you receive answers.

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