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Unlock Your StarSeed Gifts

For many of us, the various aspects of physical life can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you strongly resonate with the term StarSeed.

What is a StarSeed?

A person who is a StarSeed can often have memories of or a longing for a time and place beyond our Earth experience. As children they can feel completely different to the rest of their family and friends, not quite fitting in due to a deep knowing that there is more to them and more to life than what they see. They are often seekers of truth and explore various spiritual avenues to find answers sometimes with little satisfaction until they meet their tribe or a teacher they resonate with.

In some cases, if this dissatisfaction becomes too overwhelming, they can become numb and sedentary or even turn to substances for relief. The ‘dark night of the soul’ experience or ‘little death’ can be extremely intense for StarSeeds but once on the other side, they can naturally activate their dormant gifts and step into their purpose.

Where do StarSeeds come from?

Depending on your belief systems of course, StarSeeds are said to have incarnated on other start systems before coming to this Earth plane. There are many places both outside and inside our galaxy but the most common star systems represented at this time include; Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Mintaka, Lyra, Orion, Centauri and Antares just to name a few. In the grand scheme of things we are all one. All of our individual perspectives and experiences make up the whole. We are all made of Source stuff.

Can StarSeeds activate their gifts without having to go through the ‘dark night of the soul’?

To be honest, I haven’t met many (if any) StarSeeds over the age of 25yrs who haven’t gone through this process. It isn’t anything to be afraid of though it is not what I would call a fun experience. Basically, the ‘little death’ refers to a time when a person’s foundations are shaken to the core and their old belief patterns are completely challenged. It’s the shedding of the old paradigms of everything you’ve ever known. Sounds fun, right? It is a time of massive personal and spiritual growth allowing more space for a new wave of consciousness and light to come in.

However, to answer this question, yes, it is possible to access and activate your star gifts at any point. Children who grow up in an environment that is conducive to self-expression and nurturing can naturally active their gifts and more commonly these days they come into this lifetime already activated. Wherever you are along your path of awakening, you can have access to your gifts. They are yours. Spiritual development is required to fully understand and integrate those gifts though.

StarSeeds bring with them the frequencies and light codes to support and uplift humanity into this new era and into higher dimensional shifts.

What are some examples of StarSeed gifts?

They are not too dissimilar to our natural human abilities but with a twist. As humanity evolves, so do our natural abilities. Activating your cosmic DNA and gifts can super charge your gifts. These can include; telepathy, telempathy, astral travel, communication, light language, light code activations, healing abilities, levitation, channeling, telekinesis and the enhancement of all the clair senses.

How do you unlock your gifts?

If it is meant for you, don’t worry, you wont miss out. There is an element of divine timing involved as to when the gifts will drop in and activate for the individual. However, as we live in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities, you can at least have a sneak peek at what they are and begin the activation process with free will.

If you have read my work before then you know what my first suggestion will be – meditation. You can meditate on your question and receive the answers. To recognize the answers, have a look at my blog called “Do You Know What An Answer From Source Feels Like” for some tips.

I have created a quick meditation to help unlock and Activate Your Cosmic DNA and Gifts here. If you have any fears around finding out this information then some belief work may be required for an activation to take place. Actually, I would always suggest doing belief work along side any activation to help support and enhance the energetic shifts and changes that can occur.

A Cosmic Reading can be super beneficial if you would like some support while exploring this concept. A mini reading includes the DNA and gift activations plus a reading. The full reading includes the above plus a healing and belief work session. I believe everyone can do this themselves but if you would like some guidance or confirmation about the information you receive then do get in touch.

Having greater awareness about your gifts and how to use them not only helps you but it helps the collective consciousness to grow and expand into oneness.

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