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Retrieving soul fragments

Updated: Nov 22

Soul fragments are pieces of residual life-force essence that have been left behind or exchanged with another person during highly emotional situations. As the soul learns the lessons of being in a physical body, it extends out into another persons space in an energetic exchange to help it understand the encounter. Leaving behind soul fragments. Trauma and arguments can have this effect but also in loving situations too. When a child is unwell a parent might unknowingly give soul fragments to help the child heal.

The soul is larger beyond our comprehension, so these residual fragments are only very small in comparison.

Soul fragments can be the reason we think of a past relationship years after it has ended. If a healthy energetic break has not been made and if you still have soul fragments from that person, the intense memories may continue. Memories of the past are absolutely fine, but if those memories drain your energy or power a soul fragment retrieval might be helpful.

Returning soul fragments that belong to others and retrieving your fragments can help you feel more whole, more energized, more centered and can help us let go of unhealthy emotional attachments we have to traumatic exchanges.

Think of a person you have had a highly emotional exchange with, center yourself in your heart space, request that all soul fragments that have been exchanged between you be rinsed and cleansed through unconditional love and returned to their rightful owner.

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