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Meditation for Soul Inspiration

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

As we settle in to our daily routines it is important to include time for yourself. Taking time out for yourself to refocus your energy and rejuvenate your mind is so important in our busy lifestyles. Meditation of course is an amazingly productive time-out activity. Your meditation practice doesn't need to be long and arduous. Just a few minutes a day of mindfulness can make a huge difference. Here are a few suggestions of how to include meditation into your day.

Before you get out of bed

Make a commitment to yourself to not get out of bed until you have meditated. Sit up in your bed, take a few deep breaths and visualise how your want your day to go. Once you have done that, then simply sit with your slow rhythmic breath until you are completely connected with that vision. You will be surprised at how positively this can effect your mood and day.

2 Minutes

Even when you are at work you can still find two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the afternoon. Dedicating just 2 minutes of your break time to close your eyes and breathe, nothing else, can release stress and help you be more focused and productive.

Meditate on a Mantra

Those who have attended the 6 week astral course would know how transformative meditating with a mantra can be. This can unlock so many doors in the mind and give you access to higher wisdom and information. An example of a mantra could be "I am limitless", "I am worthy", "I am receiving".

Movement Meditation

Being mindful while walking along the beach or in nature, mindfulness while drinking your morning coffee, during your yoga practice or dancing can all be forms of meditation. Being fully present with every activity you do can bring you into alignment with your soul. The soul exists in the present moment. When you are in alignment with the present moment you have access to greater energy, creative ideas, soul inspiration and peace.

Weekly Meditation Meet-up

Join our weekly meditation meet up which will be moved to Wednesday evenings.

It doesn't take much effort but focused thought can produce amazing results, increase serotonin levels, balance hormones and help you have a more positive outlook.

Happy meditating!

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