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Is Success In Your Genes?

There are many reasons why you may not be achieving tangible results in your life right now. You may have tried starting a business, a creative project, tried to lose weight, start dating only to experience set back after set back.

On the surface it may seem like you have a lack of motivation to succeed, lack of self-confidence, missed opportunities or you may just not even know what you want to do so you stay stuck in the same old life patterns. The answer may be in your genes.

Of course these symptoms can be a result of your current life experience but you can also have active beliefs that have been passed down through the generations via your genetics.

Recently, I worked with a client who was failing to make bookings in her consulting business. She tried everything – social media, networking events, paid advertising and it was hardly making a dent. Well, it made a dent in her pocket.

What we found was that she had beliefs on a genetic level that “success equals pain”, “when others succeed, I fail”, “when I succeed, others must fail” and this little ripper “I fail when I succeed”. Epigenetics shows that we can have beliefs from as far back as 18 generations. These beliefs were in oppositional force to what she was trying to achieve "I want a thriving business". That split energy within her was creating confusion not only within her mind, but also with the message she was sending out to the world.

If we look at these opposing beliefs in regards to relationship success, we may find that an ancestor took a vow of chastity that is now active within you. Thanks, great aunt Gertrude! We could also find beliefs like “men reject me, I reject men”, “I must stay hidden from women”, “men/women can't be trusted” along with old timey beliefs about gender roles that are no longer relevant that we simply reject.

By rejecting that part of ourselves, we are fragmenting our energy field. We either create duality within ourselves leaving us confused or misunderstood, or simple end up being stuck in a cycle experiencing both sides of the coin “I want a relationship” but “I must stay hidden”.

These opposing beliefs can add to our compounding sense of low self-confidence, low motivation and lack of success. But don’t start throwing curses at your ancestors just yet. These beliefs were created at the time in an effort to protect themselves in some way. Just like we are doing now for our future generations. "Good luck cleaning up this mess!" *Insert maniacal laugh*

So, how do we know if we have genetic beliefs that oppose our desire for success? If it’s something you want but it’s not in your space now…there is likely an opposing belief. Feel into that belief. Is it yours or is it your ancestor’s? Sometimes, the simple act of awareness can release it. Sometimes, they can be a little trickier.

Here are some downloads to assist you with genetic beliefs that oppose your success:

  • I know how to easily identify beliefs that are mine and the beliefs of others

  • I know how to and I do release beliefs that no longer serve me on a genetic level

  • I release any oaths, vowels and commitments to fail on a genetic level

  • I know how to build on the foundation of success that my ancestors have provided me

  • I know how to succeed without rejecting myself and others

  • I know how to release feelings of unworthiness and guilt in regards to success

  • I know how to release feelings of “it is a sin to succeed” and “I must hide”

  • It is safe for me to succeed

  • I know how to succeed without comparing myself to others

  • It know what success feels like and I am worthy of it

  • I know how to shift my mindset into success

  • I know what it feels like to expect success in my life

Say "YES" to receive these downloads and have a lovely weekend.

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