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I am connected

This was my experience when I meditated on the phrase "I am connected". I went from meditation into astral with the mantra.

I saw neural pathways connecting the fabric of reality in front of me. I stood up and ran my hand along this woven fabric. It is malleable and on the other side I see a mirror reflection of my higher self.

I felt acceptance of where I am and the choices I have made, forgiveness and surrender.

Here, I am.

So after the acceptance I felt “so what next? What will I do with the Here?” Move with grace. Just move. There is nothing more required of me in this moment than to just move.

"I am connect" – gives me a visual of my experiences – how everything I see, hear, feel is within me. I experience you within me. I experience time within me. I experience dreams within me. I am my own universe within me.

I see the seed of life. I asked to be shown what parallel realities look like. I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff, just as the last part of the sun hid under the horizon. All of a sudden, countless golden sphere filled the infinite sky. Suspended, equally spaced. I flew into the closest one. It was a record of my life – past, present, future. It was like a movie. I could point my finger to intersect any slice and see what happened. Because time doesn’t exist, everything happens now. I asked – so are the other spheres other people’s lives? The answer was – they are all yours.

All of these spheres were all potentials of my life, happening now. So I’m in this sphere – where my consciousness is. I can see other spheres. My question was – can I jump over to a more favourable sphere and just pick up anywhere I like? The answer that I received was yes. To get to a sphere in the distance, I have to make a dramatic vibrational/consciousness shift to jump over to another sphere. However, by doing so, you not only change your present, you are also changing you past and future.

We often move between spheres with very little effort especially when we are in “flow”. This can also work intentionally through awakening and unintentionally through shock or severe trauma. You perceive people and situations differently from different spheres – with your different pasts and different experiences. What sphere do you want to be in?

I asked if I can combine some skills I have in one sphere with another…maybe one with different people and experiences? The answer was – that sphere already exists.

I am in a different sphere now. One with less resemblance of my previous past. A sphere that is higher from the horizon I originally saw. I am connected beyond time, through potentials, within myself, within my universes. I am connected with you and your potentials, with your universes. I see that this is how the All That Is understands itself – with and through our experiences of ourselves.

This experience showed me not only connection but choice and acceptance.

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