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How to Rise Above Apathy

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Despite what you may think, apathy is not an easy emotion to get to. Though, once there, it is a gruelling slog to find relief from. It is a slow arduous process that boils the water and kills it’s froggy victim. The victim? Enthusiasm for life.

We’ve all felt a lack of interest for various aspects of life; high school math class, watching the in-law’s holiday photo collection or even the menial tasks at your job. But I’m referring specifically to apathy towards achieving your dreams or even starting to dream.

Apathy is more than just being bored or not caring. Small bouts of apathy, if short lived, can be harmless. But over a period of time these feelings of detachment, indifference and passivity can start to affect decision-making abilities and diminish energy levels.

Medically, apathy can be a symptom of issues with the ACC and OFC of the frontal cortex. But for now, let’s take an intuitive look at the energy field of apathy.

An intuitive healer could see some or all of the following in someone experiencing apathy:

· Their energy field is very small, dull and close to their body, which leaves the immune system vulnerable and energy field open to attack.

· There is often murky energy around the frontal cortex, which is associated with behavior, emotions, reasons and goals effecting decision-making.

· The energy field at the back of the throat chakra can be completely withdrawn.

· Their solar plexus energy can be dull which effects will power, self confidence and the digestion system can even be sluggish.

This energy combination can lead to a lack of oxygen in the blood, low immune system and an emotional downward spiral or even numbness can ensue.

I’m going to take an about face turn here and ask, “How would it benefit someone to feel apathy?” You may be thinking that “there is no way someone could benefit from feeling a lack of interest”, but lets take a closer look. The subconscious mind doesn’t do anything without a perceived benefit to the person. The subconscious could implement apathy towards achieving a person’s dreams because it keeps them safe in a way.

It could keep a person from experiencing the pain or fear of failure, in their childhood they could have witnessed a parent being stressed or injured while pursuing their dreams and internalized it as being bad or wrong. For someone who has experienced another telling them their dreams are unachievable, childish or unrealistic, the “why even bother?” thoughts start bombarding and attaching themselves to any association with creating or achieving dreams.

Apathy is also a sign that a person has an internal struggle between what they want and what others expect or want from them. This is when the Theta digging technique is helpful at finding the base cause of the struggle.

If you have tried to create goals for 2021 and have already fallen off the bandwagon, chances are your goals/dreams were not yours to being with. They were likely placed upon you by others or old belief systems of how you feel your life ‘should’ be. You may not have even set goals or begun to dream about your future because it’s just too overwhelming.

So how do we get ourselves out of the apathetic ‘woes’ and into the possibilities that dreams provide? It is too big of a jump to go from the vibration of apathy to the vibration of creating dreams. So, here are some in between steps you can do to raise your frequency past apathy on the way to your dreams:

· Change your location– get off your butt and explore a new place that you haven’t experienced. No, not moving from the couch to the letterbox. Explore a local nature track, waterfall or park. A change of scenery gets you out of your usual space of daily reminders and reinforcements of how crappy your life is.

· Leave your phone in a drawer for 2 hours– often we use our phone and social media to distract us from what we are trying to hide from. Imagine what you can achieve in two hours without that distraction.

· Start a daily gratitude diary– gratitude obliterates complacency and gets you into the right vibration for creation, appreciation and attraction. Even start a ‘fake and create’ gratitude diary and write the things you would have like to have happen in your day. “Dear diary, I am so grateful today. I found $50 on the street”. This can be fun and silly but you will be surprised at how you can start manifesting from such a simple exercise.

· Meditate– find some relief from the constant mind chatter and be present with yourself. This doesn’t need to take hours or even twenty minute a days. It’s likely you will get bored and do something else anyway if you are in a state of apathy. Take 5 minutes out of your day to sit quietly and breathe.

Affirmations, unfortunately, are not going to cut it on their own when you are in a state of apathy.

Here are some downloads that will at least give you the ability to shift from that vibration:

Say "YES" to receive these downloads

· I know how to live my life without being numb

· I know how to feel safe to acknowledge my true feelings and the underlying causes

· I understand how to be patient with myself

· I know how to move through life with wisdom

· I know that it is possible and that I am free to dream

· I know how to recognize the vibration of creativity and abundance

· I know how to and that it is possible for me to be excited about my future

· I know that it is possible to see and create dreams that I am excited about

· Everyday I move towards understanding my true potential in this life

· I have potential

· I know how to live my life without the feeling and programme of “I give up”

· I know what it feels like to have the resources within me to achieve my goals

· I attract to my life those who support me in achieving my dreams

· I am supported

· I know what it feels like to be fulfilled and to keep grown

· I know how to release the expectations of others placed on me

· I now how to be and create in the present

· I am worth of my dreams, it is safe for me to dream

· I know what it feel like to be vitalized and absorb the best nutrients from my food, water, air and environments

· I am nourished

· I know how to create and move forward towards my dreams without fear

Rising above apathy doesn’t mean you need to start caring about everything. Be selective about where to focus your attention for sure. Sitting in apathy for too long though can create major resistance towards achieving your objectives in 2021.

Q: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

A: Don’t know, don’t care

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