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Do you doubt your mystical experiences?

A question I often get during my astral travel, meditation and healing workshops is “was that real or did I just make that up?” We often doubt our experiences or brush them aside thinking that what we witnessed was somehow made up in our minds.

Why would someone believe an experience they just witnessed would not be true? Self doubt, doubt that they are special enough to experience this, fear that no one will believe them, fear of being different, or not feeling worthy enough.

When we open ourselves up to these mystical experiences we become more in alignment with our true nature and they become more frequent and part of our ‘new normal’.

When we first have a taste of a mystical experience it can feel like it is just our imagination. In some cases it feels so familiar, like a dream, so we brush it off. But can you allow space for the idea that it seems familiar because you have experienced this before. These experiences are in fact closer to our true nature than we may realise. We are being reminded of our potential, what is possible and that there is more to us than the physical body and the conditioning of our minds.

I also doubted my experiences. I have an excellent imagination and can create worlds with my mind. But when I started experimenting and letting go of control of what would happen next and just allowing the visions to come to me, I was able to experience more flow and in turn received more visions and mystical experiences. I have found that working with an intention is a great way to connect with great meaning out of these experiences. The best confirmation that my experiences were real, was actually experiencing them with my like-vibration/like-minded friends. Having people around you who you can trust with your inner most thoughts is such a relief.

I have two beautiful friends from Brisbane who I share my experiences with. We also go on astral adventures together. One time when Karen came to visit me on the Gold Coast, we ended up visiting the Cosmic Mystery Schools. Our intention for the astral journey was to see if we could download the teachings of a certain book so we could better understand it. We sat comfortably on separate couches and settled in to the 7th Plane meditation as we always do.

Our intentions were clear and we were told that we were going to where this information was first made available. We started moving to the left, back through the laws of the universe and settled into a space that felt like 6th dimensional energy. As our eyes slowly adjusted to this frequency, we came across a large structure (which I refer to as the cosmic mystery school). During this experience, Karen and I were communicating consciously and speaking to one another. Describing what we saw. We were both seeing the same things in slightly different ways.

We were greeted by a teacher in the first room. She was a very tall being wearing a long draped robe. Her energy was very balanced, loving and her manner was gentle and kind. She communicated telepathically and we were encouraged to lift up our hands to receive the information. A surge of blue/white light and energy came from the teacher’s third eye into ours and from her hands into ours. The frequency was intense and so amazing. Our whole bodies were vibrating with this new frequency of energy.

We thanked our teacher and started to explore around the circular room. The light was warm toned and here was a globe to one side, which I was told off for touching (hehe) and many ‘books’ and doors. I noticed to one side of the room there was a sheath of light. I floated outside to take a look and noticed there was a whole other side to the structure. The structure formed a figure 8. I beaconed Karen over to take a look. This room was also circular but had a slight grey tone to it but still full of light. There were more teachers in this room. They had a masculine energy to them. There was a round, raised platform in the middle of the room. We both felt the pull forward (or push forward) into the centre. We felt very loved and supported by them all. Karen saw more beings than I did but they were in several circles around us. It felt like some of them were chanting and we received even more information downloads.

Once the download was complete we felt a pull into another section or room. This space had mirrors on the walls and in this space we energetically learned about manifesting. Karen was totally blissed out in her manifestation activation so I kept exploring. There was a portal in that room so naturally I went through it. I arrived at a beautiful lush environment with a massive light pyramid in the middle. I flew inside the pyramid and bathed in the amazing pure light water that was inside. A golden light beam shot out from the top of the pyramid and I decided to find out where it went and got shot out in the golden beam into the vastness of ‘space’. There was a golden path ahead of me and as I strolled down the golden light path that was suspended in ‘space’, a being appeared in front of me and handed me a gift.

Visually the gift looked like curved clear glass or crystal that comfortably fitted in the hand to fit over the eye. I had no idea what it was at the time but it turns out it helps to see truth through the illusion.

Karen was wondering were I was so I met her back near the pyramid. We made our way back through the portal, thanked our teachers again, rinsed off back in the 7th Plane and back to the room we were in.

Coming out of this astral experience we both still had a massive surge of energy on all levels our being. The energy was intense and it took us about a half hour until we could properly put our words and thoughts together. Driving after this was interesting and going into a crystal shop straight after was not the best idea. We were both like zombies walking around aimlessly as we hadn’t fully come back to our bodies yet.

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