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Cosmic Connection


So many of us feel a deep connection with the stars. Almost a longing for a time and place beyond this earth realm that we often can't explain. There may be a sense that you originated from somewhere else.


Well the truth is, many of us do have a cosmic connection. We often refer to these people as Starseeds. Beings who originated from a different time and space to come to earth for the human experience. There are specific traits and skills associated with the various star systems that we are able to tap into during a session.


Whether you resonate with the term Starseed or not, these sessions provide insightful information specifically for you as well as various activations if required such as the pineal gland chakra, cosmic chakra and soul star chakra activations.

A person may have connections to several star systems and some may resonate with a very specific frequency.

We are all unique and each reading is also. The purpose of these readings is to provide connection. To provide a link for the individual so they know they are not alone on their journey. There is a sense of comfort after a session and often answers to questions you hadn't thought of yet.


Some people will already have a sense of their cosmic connection so Talia will briefly discuss this along with any questions you may be seeking answers for.


The session begins with a brief meditation followed by a pineal gland chakra activation and a cosmic chakra activation (not included in the 30 minute reading). This activation not only helps to increase your own intuitive abilities but it also acts, in a way, like a transmitter/receiver. A reading is then given. A healing is then given which helps to integrate the information into your system and we release limiting beliefs to being in alignment with your soul purpose.


Cosmic Reading & Activation

1hr  $170