Healing Intensive Session

"I've been lucky to have a couple of Theta healing sessions with Talia now and I'm thoroughly impressed by her accuracy on picking up on my physical ailments and the emotional concerns relating to these. She has a knack for asking the right questions, to really get to the root cause of these issues, and then ultimately helps resolve them through the Theta Healing method and her impressive intuition. She has a beautiful spirit and is incredibly knowledgeable on all things spiritual and crystal related. I'd highly recommend a session with her"

Hayley - Gold Coast

"Talia is amazing!!! She has helped me so much by removing blockages and helping me feel more focused and clear and even helping me come out of a depressive state! I would and have been recommending her to everyone I can. Do yourself a favour and book an appointment, you owe it to yourself!

Joseph - Gold Coast

This powerful session allows us to efficiently locate and transform limiting beliefs and programmes that hinder your advancement towards your goals and passion in all areas of life; physical wellbeing, mental clarity, financial abundance, success in business and career, flourishing relationships and self love.

Gain clarity on hidden influences affecting your current situation including genetic or familial influences, your environment, toxins, past trauma, emotional cycles and relationship loops.


These sessions are transformational and leave you feeling uplifted, reignited and give you the tools to actively create change in your life.

Lets face it, we are complicated beings. Sometimes we need a little relief, a little space from our overthinking minds to take a breath, recalibrate and continue on our journey.

A single session can certainly offer that relief. However, if you have a particular issue or area of life that you want to create significant change in, I would highly recommend a multi session package to give yourself the opportunity to dig deep into the issue and go beyond it.


Sessions are online via Zoom with a limited number of in-person session available in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. Please enquire.

1 hr | $170