Soul Awakening Package

Are you ready to...

  • Release the false self and step into divine authenticity

  • Take radical responsibility for your life

  • Release the illusions you have built up around you

  • Listen to what your heart has been trying to communicate with you all along

  • Step into the spotlight and be seen

  • Awaken and align with your divine purpose

If that is a resounding YES to all of the above, then things are about to get real!


Its time to step into your divine authenticity, awaken your soul purpose, ignite your passion and transform your life from the inside out.


This multi session package offers you an opportunity to dig deep into issues, gain clarity and understanding and shift beyond it. We include goal setting, weekly activities and resources to maintain the momentum in between sessions.


Here are the advantages of booking a multi session package:

  • Locate and transform limiting beliefs and programmes that hinder your advancement towards your goals and passion in all areas of life; physical wellbeing, mental clarity, financial abundance, success in business and career, flourishing relationships and self love.

  • Gain clarity on hidden influences affecting your current situation including genetic or familial influences, your environment, toxins, past trauma, emotional cycles and relationship loops.

  • After each session you will be given simple activities to do during the week that will assist and support your transformation and healing

  • Have access to Talia via text message for the duration of your package to ask questions or for clarification on any emotions that arise

  • Weekly or fortnightly one hour sessions


Sessions are online via Zoom with a limited number of in-person session available in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. Please enquire.

6 x 1hr | $850

(Save $170)

6 x 1 hour fortnightly or weekly sessions

Between session action plan to support your healing and progress including goal setting, downloads and affirmations plus a personalised recorded meditation