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All That Is - Healing

Awaken Your Soul Purpose

Awaken Your Soul Purpose

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There are times in our lives when we feel frustrated, like there is something else that we are “supposed” to be doing. Some other expression of ourselves, something that is more fulfilling.

We have our jobs, our families, and our everyday commitments but somehow it feels like we might be missing something.

Do you feel it is time to align with your true purpose on this earth?

Do you feel there are gifts within you that are ready to awaken?

Do you have an idea of what your purpose is but can’t quite put it into words?

Is there something greater within you that is not currently being expressed?

This course is designed to help ignite and awaken your divine life purpose!

Our lives are constantly giving us hints and insights into our true passions, our gifts and purpose. We are sometimes too busy or distracted to notice them. These hints can come in the form of inspired thought, things that you are attracted to, things you resist, people and challenging emotional situations. Sometimes we are already on our divine path and just don’t know it yet.

At this course, we look at what inspires you, what challenges you, what you are resisting, and clearing any underlying blocks that may be preventing you from being in alignment with your purpose. We do various meditations and techniques to get you clear and in alignment with your higher gifts and purpose.


Learn how to centre your energies and align with your own divine frequency.

Learn how you personally receive divine messages from your higher self, spirit, soul and Source.


Learn how the mind and body can prevent you from aligning with your purpose and how to change these programmes.

How to curb your self-talk from self sabotage into self alignment.

Cutting energetic cords to negative people, situational loops and relationships.

Divine Gifts

Finding your inspirations through your life hints and ‘ah ha’ moments.

Learn to go into your own heart space to retrieve your divine truth.

Learn how to see what is already manifesting in your life.

Awakening your divine gifts.


Finding clarity on your soul’s purpose.

Making a commitment to yourself to be in alignment with your highest truth.

How to manifest the right people and opportunities to assist you on your divine path.

How to manifest in alignment with your divine life purpose.

Living Your Soul’s Purpose

How to flow with your divine purpose in your daily life.

It’s ok to not know what you want. It’s ok to say that you really don’t know what you are doing. It is a great place to start this journey of self-discovery!

It’s time to open up and say “I am ready to receive my divine truth and be in alignment with my divine life purpose”.

With this course you will receive:

A course workbook

Recorded Meditations

Light refreshments

This course was full of surprises for me personally. The meditations presented revelations I hadn't expected. I would encourage anyone attending who is looking for their soul Purpose to attend this course.

Deborah - Awaken Your Soul Purpose Course

Within a day you can get to your own heart and you start yourself with this course. he information and activities, you find that you have already taken the first step in your own life and in your own personal power. Very well structured and very cleverly done.

Linda - Awaken Your Soul Purpose