All That Is - Healing

All That Is - Healing

Astral Travel & Meditation 6 Week Workshop


Six week Wednesday evening course starting: 24th July, 6.30pm - 8.30pm


Payment plans are available, please enquire.

This is a unique opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals to explore beyond your physical senses, obtain first hand knowledge of your existence, help to align you with your purpose, increase your psychic abilities, increase knowledge and wisdom, receive healing and increase self responsibility for the co-creation of your experiences.

This six-week workshop gives you step-by-step processes that will help raise your vibration and release blocks and fears that hold you back spiritually and in your every day life. In the raising of your vibration you can experience the astral plane more vividly, experience more passion and purpose in your life and be in alignment with your dreams and goals. You will have the opportunity to be supported and to support your fellow travellers in an environment that feels safe and encouraging as you align with more of the truth of who you are.

You will be provided with:

Workshop notes

A crystal to assist you on your journey

Note pad and pen

Access to our private astral travel group on facebook

Limited spaces.

Please see our terms & conditions section on our website for more information as deposits are non-refundable. www.allthat

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Please provide your name, email address and mobile phone number

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