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How To Cleanse, Deprogram and Program Crystals

Posted on 5 August, 2018 at 18:50

Crystals are excellent teachers of vibration and provide beauty and energy for our homes. Unless you have fossicked a crystal yourself, by the time a crystal ends up in your personal collection, it has likely travelled a great distance and been handled by several people along the way. Cleansing your crystals is important to remove any trauma, negative energies and entities it may have come in contact with. You can also re-programme them with a certain vibration or enhance its innate properties. Here is a simple way to Cleanse, de-programme and programme crystals.


Most crystals are fine to be cleansed in running water or seawater. This helps remove any dust or impurities. Some crystals such as Selenite, Malachite or crystals containing sulphur may not be suitable with water. If you are unsure, you can use incense or sage to cleans them. To energise crystals, popular options are to expose them to a full moon overnight or place them on the ground/soil for a few days.


Once your crystal is cleansed it is recommended to de-programme any trauma or negative energies from it. Hold the crystal with both hands or if it is too large like a geode then placing both hands on it is fine. Close your eyes and ground and centre your energy. Connect in with the crystal.

Here is an example of what you can say to yourself to deprogram it: “It is requested that any shock or trauma that is in this crystal be instantly removed and sent to the light. It is requested that any negative energies, entities, attachments, negative thought forms, imprints or curses now be removed and sent to the light. Thank you, it is done and so it is.”

See in your mind’s eye, any dark or muddy energies now leave the crystal and be sent to the light. How ever you wish to visualize this process is fine.


Now consider what energy or task you would like to programme your crystal with. It can be anything. For example, you can task a crystal with every time you touch it, it reminds you to be grateful. Or you can programme it with a certain vibration like abundance, self-love, unconditional love or protection. Of course you can also ask that its innate or natural properties be enhanced. Holding the crystal in your hands, imagine the vibration or task you wish it to be programmed with. It is helpful to really feel the feelings associated with the desired programme.

Say “it is requested that this energy/program/task be downloaded to this crystal now. Thank you, it is done and so it is.”

See a bright, white light energy gently coming into your crystal. Once you see that as finished in your mind’s eye or intuitively, then the process is complete. Over time crystals can loose their potency so cleansing regularly is a great way to keep the energies active.

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