All That Is - Healing

All That Is - Healing


Drawing on Our Guides

Posted on 20 August, 2017 at 0:35

Whether you are aware of them or not, we all have own on personal spiritual entourage. This team offers assistance and guidance for our time in this existence. This team can consist of family members who have passed, angels, higher frequency beings and of course your higher self. Some are with us for a life-time and some come and go to assist with specific challenges and new phases in our life. They are the vibration of love and only want the best for us. Guides cannot “make” us do anything as we have free agency. They are merely there to hold space for us and offer guidance where required. Whether you listen to the guidance or not is totally up you.

I have recently re-discovered my love for drawing and have been privileged to communicate with and draw guides.  Here is a guide drawing and message.

Erawen - one of the ancients who originally resided where Wales & England now meet. She works with the pink ray of light. And is at a very high frequency She is an extremely powerful guide and has been with you since birth. She stands on your right hand side which you can sometime feel and helps you stand in your truth and Divine Feminine. She offers ancient wisdom and safe passage as you re-awaken and experiment with your psychic abilities and gifts. The message is "Keep experimenting and explore. This is where you will find your joy. Allow your mind to quieten. Your heart speaks softly but now is the time to listen and let is guide you. Your heart is wise beyond messure and vast through the dimentions. Draw on this wisom. The time is now." 

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