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All That Is - Healing


Feeling Downloads

Posted on 21 May, 2017 at 1:50

The downloading and creation of feelings is a very powerful technique and can speed up the healing process. If someone has never experienced a particular feeling like joy or love from a parent, it can be diffucult for a new program to stick.

For a healing to occur, a person needs to know what a certain feeling feels like in their body. For someone who grew up associating love with rejection or pain (say if they were told "I love you" then beaten to a pulp), they may not know what the highest truth of love without rejection or pain feels like. Associating love with rejection or pain will definitely colour our experiences in life.

Downloads in Theta are basically like computer downloads. When we ask the Creator for a download of a feeling like love, it is downloaded directly into the DNA, into every cell of the body so you know what it feels like to truely be loved.

Downloads alone can be significantly beneficial to anyone.

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