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Meditation for Soul Inspiration

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As we settle in to our daily routines it is important to include time for yourself. Taking time out for yourself to refocus your energy and rejuvenate your mind is so important in our busy lifestyles. Meditation of course is an amazingly productive time-out activity. Your meditation practice doesn't need to be long and arduous. Just a few minutes a day of mindfulness can make a huge difference. Here are a few suggestions of how to include meditation into your day.

Before you get out of bed

Make a commitment to yourself to not get out of bed until you have meditated. Sit up in your bed, take a few deep breaths and visualise how your want your day to go. Once you have done that, then simply sit with your slow rhythmic breath until you are completely connected with that vision. You will be surprised at how positively this can effect your mood and day.

2 Minutes

Even when you are at work you can still find two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the afternoon. Dedicating just 2 minutes of your break time to close your eyes and breathe, nothing else, can release stress and help you be more focused and productive.

Meditate on a Mantra

Those who have attended the 6 week astral course would know how transformative meditating with a mantra can be. This can unlock so many doors in the mind and give you access to higher wisdom and information. An example of a mantra could be "I am limitless", "I am worthy", "I am receiving".

Movement Meditation

Being mindful while walking along the beach or in nature, mindfulness while drinking your morning coffee, during your yoga practice or dancing can all be forms of meditation. Being fully present with every activity you do can bring you into alignment with your soul. The soul exists in the present moment. When you are in alignment with the present moment you have access to greater energy, creative ideas, soul inspiration and peace.

Weekly Meditation Meet-up

Join our weekly meditation meet up which will be moved to Wednesday evenings.

It doesn't take much effort but focused thought can produce amazing results, increase serotonin levels, balance hormones and help you have a more positive outlook.

Happy meditating!

Mastering the Light Within

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The "light" that I am referring to is that part of divine existence that resides within you. Mastering this energy is about the gaining of skills and tools so we can move with the creative force of existence into divine flow. When we are willing to play and be clear about what we want, existence responds with the unfolding of opportunities, creative ideas and flow. Here are some ways to start mastering the light within.


Clarity is a fundamental element of mastery. Clarity is required by your thoughts, intentions, manifestations, clarity of the spoken word and energy signature. Be clear about your goals and what you want that light energy to do or how you want to play with it. Clarity requires simplicity and focus.


Existence wants us to achieve our goals and we are supported in the pursuit of our goals. The key to mastering this light within us is to dance with it in a flow of movement and grace. Staying still in one place to stagnate is not the way of this energy. It does rest but it does not stagnate. Always move towards your goals. Moving your thoughts, your body, your mind in the direction of your goals even just a small movement forward everyday will eventually get you there. What is an action that you can take now that is in the direction of you goals? Do it now. You are going to have every reason to give up, it is a choice to persevere with love.


To truly master the light within, we need to have values that we hold ourselves accountable to. Mine are integrity, kindness and wisdom. With every action I take or decision I make I can hold myself accountable to my values to see if I have succeeded or if I need to change my approach. Was the action I took from a place of integrity, did I show kindness, was it wise? These values are something that you set for yourself. I would suggest three or four values. Any more may leave you feeling confused or with a sense of failure. Values can be something like truth, authenticity, honesty, excellence, courage, strength, grace, harmony, loyalty, gratitude and so on. What are your values?

I added kindness as one of my values as I truly wish to master it. I think I am well on my way with integrity and wisdom but I truly aspire to be kind. Values act as a compass to guide us with decision-making and to help us see where we can improve. We are completely supported by existence to be in alignment with our values. Resistance arises when we are in conflict with these values.

We may not be able to master all of existence quite yet of course but we can learn to master that part of existence, the light, that resides in each and every one of us. As we are connected to all things, we are also connected to the answers.

Do You Doubt Your Mystical Experiences?

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A question I often get during my astral travel, meditation and healing workshops is “was that real or did I just make that up?” We often doubt our experiences or brush them aside thinking that what we witnessed was somehow made up in our minds.

Why would someone believe an experience they just witnessed would not be true? Self doubt, doubt that they are special enough to experience this, fear that no one will believe them, fear of being different, or not feeling worthy enough.

When we open ourselves up to these mystical experiences we become more in alignment with our true nature and they become more frequent and part of our ‘new normal’.

When we first have a taste of a mystical experience it can feel like it is just our imagination. In some cases it feels so familiar, like a dream, so we brush it off. But can you allow space for the idea that it seems familiar because you have experienced this before. These experiences are in fact closer to our true nature than we may realise. We are being reminded of our potential, what is possible and that there is more to us than the physical body and the conditioning of our minds.

I also doubted my experiences. I have an excellent imagination and can create worlds with my mind. But when I started experimenting and letting go of control of what would happen next and just allowing the visions to come to me, I was able to experience more flow and in turn received more visions and mystical experiences. I have found that working with an intention is a great way to connect with great meaning out of these experiences. The best confirmation that my experiences were real, was actually experiencing them with my like-vibration/like-minded friends. Having people around you who you can trust with your inner most thoughts is such a relief.

I have two beautiful friends from Brisbane who I share my experiences with. We also go on astral adventures together. One time when Karen came to visit me on the Gold Coast, we ended up visiting the Cosmic Mystery Schools. Our intention for the astral journey was to see if we could download the teachings of a certain book so we could better understand it. We sat comfortably on separate couches and settled in to the 7th Plane meditation as we always do.

Our intentions were clear and we were told that we were going to where this information was first made available. We started moving to the left, back through the laws of the universe and settled into a space that felt like 6th dimensional energy. As our eyes slowly adjusted to this frequency, we came across a large structure (which I refer to as the cosmic mystery school). During this experience, Karen and I were communicating consciously and speaking to one another. Describing what we saw. We were both seeing the same things in slightly different ways.

We were greeted by a teacher in the first room. She was a very tall being wearing a long draped robe. Her energy was very balanced, loving and her manner was gentle and kind. She communicated telepathically and we were encouraged to lift up our hands to receive the information. A surge of blue/white light and energy came from the teacher’s third eye into ours and from her hands into ours. The frequency was intense and so amazing. Our whole bodies were vibrating with this new frequency of energy.

We thanked our teacher and started to explore around the circular room. The light was warm toned and here was a globe to one side, which I was told off for touching (hehe) and many ‘books’ and doors. I noticed to one side of the room there was a sheath of light. I floated outside to take a look and noticed there was a whole other side to the structure. The structure formed a figure 8. I beaconed Karen over to take a look. This room was also circular but had a slight grey tone to it but still full of light. There were more teachers in this room. They had a masculine energy to them. There was a round, raised platform in the middle of the room. We both felt the pull forward (or push forward) into the centre. We felt very loved and supported by them all. Karen saw more beings than I did but they were in several circles around us. It felt like some of them were chanting and we received even more information downloads.

Once the download was complete we felt a pull into another section or room. This space had mirrors on the walls and in this space we energetically learned about manifesting. Karen was totally blissed out in her manifestation activation so I kept exploring. There was a portal in that room so naturally I went through it. I arrived at a beautiful lush environment with a massive light pyramid in the middle. I flew inside the pyramid and bathed in the amazing pure light water that was inside. A golden light beam shot out from the top of the pyramid and I decided to find out where it went and got shot out in the golden beam into the vastness of ‘space’. There was a golden path ahead of me and as I strolled down the golden light path that was suspended in ‘space’, a being appeared in front of me and handed me a gift.

Visually the gift looked like curved clear glass or crystal that comfortably fitted in the hand to fit over the eye. I had no idea what it was at the time but it turns out it helps to see truth through the illusion.

Karen was wondering were I was so I met her back near the pyramid. We made our way back through the portal, thanked our teachers again, rinsed off back in the 7th Plane and back to the room we were in.

Coming out of this astral experience we both still had a massive surge of energy on all levels our being. The energy was intense and it took us about a half hour until we could properly put our words and thoughts together. Driving after this was interesting and going into a crystal shop straight after was not the best idea. We were both like zombies walking around aimlessly as we hadn’t fully come back to our bodies yet.

New Course - Awaken Your Soul Purpose

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10am – 4pm Sunday, 2nd December

Address: Harmony Body & Mind Centre, 14 Billabirra Cres, Nerang Exchange: $220

There are times in our lives when we feel frustrated, like there is something else that we are “supposed” to be doing. Some other expression of ourselves, something that is more fulfilling.

We have our jobs, our families, and our everyday commitments but somehow it feels like we might be missing something.

Do you feel it is time to align with your true purpose on this earth?

Do you feel there are gifts within you that are ready to awaken?

Do you have an idea of what your purpose is but can’t quite put it into words?

Is there something greater within you that is not currently being expressed?

This course is designed to help ignite and awaken your divine life purpose!

Our lives are constantly giving us hints and insights into our true passions, our gifts and purpose. We are sometimes too busy or distracted to notice them. These hints can come in the form of inspired thought, things that you are attracted to, things you resist, people and challenging emotional situations. Sometimes we are already on our divine path and just don’t know it yet.

At this course, we look at what inspires you, what challenges you, what you are resisting, and clearing any underlying blocks that may be preventing you from being in alignment with your purpose. We do various meditations and techniques to get you clear and in alignment with your higher gifts and purpose.


Learn how to centre your energies and align with your own divine frequency. Learn how you personally receive divine messages from your higher self, spirit, soul and Source.


Learn how the mind and body can prevent you from aligning with your purpose and how to change these programmes, How to curb your self-talk from self sabotage into self alignment, Cutting energetic cords to negative people, situational loops and relationships

Divine Gifts

Finding your inspirations through your life hints and ‘ah ha’ moments, Learn to go into your own heart space to retrieve your divine truth, Learn how to see what is already manifesting in your life for your highest and best good, Awakening your divine gifts


Finding clarity on your soul’s purpose, Making a commitment to yourself to be in alignment with your highest truth, How to manifest the right people and opportunities to assist you on your divine path, How to manifest in alignment with your divine life purpose

Living Your Soul’s Purpose

How to flow with your divine purpose in your daily life.

It’s ok to not know what you want. It’s ok to say that you really don’t know what you are doing. It is a great place to start this journey of self-discovery! It’s time to get real, open up and say “I am ready to receive my divine truth and be in alignment with my divine life purpose”.

I Am Connected

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I Am Connected

This was my experience when I meditated on the phrase "I am connected". I went from meditation into astral with the mantra.

I saw neural pathways connecting the fabric of reality in front of me. I stood up and ran my hand along this woven fabric. It is malleable and on the other side I see a mirror reflection of my higher self.

I felt acceptance of where I am and the choices I have made, forgiveness and surrender. Here, I am.

So after the acceptance I felt “so what next? What will I do with the Here?” Move with grace. Just move. There is nothing more required of me in this moment than to just move.

"I am connect" – gives me a visual of my experiences – how everything I see, hear, feel is within me. I experience you within me. I experience time within me. I experience dreams within me. I am my own universe within me.

I see the seed of life. I asked to be shown what parallel realities look like. I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff, just as the last part of the sun hid under the horizon. All of a sudden, countless golden sphere filled the infinite sky. Suspended, equally spaced. I flew into the closest one. It was a record of my life – past, present, future. It was like a movie. I could point my finger to intersect any slice and see what happened. Because time doesn’t exist, everything happens now. I asked – so are the other spheres other people’s lives? The answer was – they are all yours.

All of these spheres were all potentials of my life, happening now. So I’m in this sphere – where my consciousness is. I can see other spheres. My question was – can I jump over to a more favourable sphere and just pick up anywhere I like? The answer that I received was yes. To get to a sphere in the distance, I have to make a dramatic vibrational/consciousness shift to jump over to another sphere. However, by doing so, you not only change your present, you are also changing you past and future.

We often move between spheres with very little effort especially when we are in “flow”. This can also work intentionally through awakening and unintentionally through shock or severe trauma. You perceive people and situations differently from different spheres – with your different pasts and different experiences. What sphere do you want to be in?

I asked if I can combine some skills I have in one sphere with another…maybe one with different people and experiences? The answer was – that sphere already exists.

I am in a different sphere now. One with less resemblance of my previous past. A sphere that is higher from the horizon I originally saw. I am connected beyond time, through potentials, within myself, within my universes. I am connected with you and your potentials, with your universes. I see that this is how the All That Is understands itself – with and through our experiences of ourselves.

This experience showed me not only connection but choice and acceptance.

How To Cleanse, Deprogram and Program Crystals

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Crystals are excellent teachers of vibration and provide beauty and energy for our homes. Unless you have fossicked a crystal yourself, by the time a crystal ends up in your personal collection, it has likely travelled a great distance and been handled by several people along the way. Cleansing your crystals is important to remove any trauma, negative energies and entities it may have come in contact with. You can also re-programme them with a certain vibration or enhance its innate properties. Here is a simple way to Cleanse, de-programme and programme crystals.


Most crystals are fine to be cleansed in running water or seawater. This helps remove any dust or impurities. Some crystals such as Selenite, Malachite or crystals containing sulphur may not be suitable with water. If you are unsure, you can use incense or sage to cleans them. To energise crystals, popular options are to expose them to a full moon overnight or place them on the ground/soil for a few days.


Once your crystal is cleansed it is recommended to de-programme any trauma or negative energies from it. Hold the crystal with both hands or if it is too large like a geode then placing both hands on it is fine. Close your eyes and ground and centre your energy. Connect in with the crystal.

Here is an example of what you can say to yourself to deprogram it: “It is requested that any shock or trauma that is in this crystal be instantly removed and sent to the light. It is requested that any negative energies, entities, attachments, negative thought forms, imprints or curses now be removed and sent to the light. Thank you, it is done and so it is.”

See in your mind’s eye, any dark or muddy energies now leave the crystal and be sent to the light. How ever you wish to visualize this process is fine.


Now consider what energy or task you would like to programme your crystal with. It can be anything. For example, you can task a crystal with every time you touch it, it reminds you to be grateful. Or you can programme it with a certain vibration like abundance, self-love, unconditional love or protection. Of course you can also ask that its innate or natural properties be enhanced. Holding the crystal in your hands, imagine the vibration or task you wish it to be programmed with. It is helpful to really feel the feelings associated with the desired programme.

Say “it is requested that this energy/program/task be downloaded to this crystal now. Thank you, it is done and so it is.”

See a bright, white light energy gently coming into your crystal. Once you see that as finished in your mind’s eye or intuitively, then the process is complete. Over time crystals can loose their potency so cleansing regularly is a great way to keep the energies active.

Retrieving Soul Fragments

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Soul fragments are pieces of residual life-force essence that have been left behind or exchanged with another person during highly emotional situations. As the soul learns the lessons of being in a physical body, it extends out into another persons space in an energetic exchange to help it understand the encounter. Leaving behind soul fragments. Trauma and arguments can have this effect but also in loving situations too. When a child is unwell a parent might unknowingly give soul fragments to help the child heal.

The soul is larger beyond our comprehension, so these residual fragments are only very small in comparison.

Soul fragments can be the reason we think of a past relationship years after it has ended. If a healthy energetic break has not been made and if you still have soul fragments from that person, the intense memories may continue. Memories of the past are absolutely fine, but if those memories drain your energy or power a soul fragment retrieval might be helpful.

Returning soul fragments that belong to others and retrieving your fragments can help you feel more whole, more energized, more centered and can help us let go of unhealthy emotional attachments we have to traumatic exchanges.

Think of a person you have had a highly emotional exchange with, center yourself in your heart space, request that all soul fragments that have been exchanged between you be rinsed and cleansed through unconditional love and returned to their rightful owner.

To learn this process along with many other transformative healing tools, check out our upcoming Basic DNA Seminar starting 31st August 2018.

Life On Earth

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Do you feel like you just don’t belong here? Like none of this human stuff makes sense. You’re definitely not alone in feeling alien on this planet. Sometimes the human experience can be a little overwhelming if we don’t have a solid sense of grounding on earth. Anger, destruction, fear and greed are so far from what our true essence really is that it is difficult to fathom the cruel ways that people treat each other.

Some people are born on this planet without automatically subscribing to the negative aspects of the collective consciousness. When we think and feel differently to our families or society we can feel alienated and alone. Some people feel a sense of being homesick and look to the stars longing to return to their home planet. As we search for meaning and belonging in the stars, know that where your awareness is focused now is the most important thing for you to be focused on. As your awareness is focused in a physical body, you have chosen to be here and experience what it is to be human and to add value to your soul’s experience and learning.

So now that you are focused here, in this time and space, here is where you are meant to be. For now at least anyway. Accepting this and finding ways to enhance your here and now is the best way to alleviate the feeling of separateness and alone. Do you want to know what it feels like to be at home within yourself, no matter where in the universe you are? Do you want to know what it feels like to truly belong while keeping your higher sense of self? Do you want to know what it feels like to accept where you are with the understanding and awareness that you can change your perspective to have a more exciting and fulfilling experience? You can say “yes” to have these as downloads.

Why We Lose Drive to Achieve Our Goals

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Have you ever created a goal that you were so passionate and excited about, only to lose interest several weeks or only moments later? I’m sure we’ve all experienced that multiple times, sometimes on a daily bases (those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves!).

There are so many factors that can contribute to failing our goals or even failing to start. These include; fear of failure (or success), negative programming and self-talk, childhood beliefs, it was a crappy idea to begin with etc. But the main reason that I have come across in my sessions is that we lose drive because our goal is not in alignment with our highest purpose or values.

When we have goals that are in alignment with our purpose and values, there is an automatic passion ignite flame under our behinds that drives us forward. Goals that are in alignment have a different feeling to them. Like floating along with the river rather than paddling up stream. Of course there will be a few rapids along the way (e.g. fears and beliefs that need to be cleared) but if you are on the right river then you merely need to guide the boat through the path of least resistance.

A few questions to consider when creating a goal: Is your goal exciting enough to make you jump out of bed in the morning? Is your goal big enough or is it just ‘safe’? Is your goal worthy of your time? Does your goal support your values and your purpose?

Once you have your goal in place with a plan to succeed, take action…straight away. The more action you take, the more momentum will build to help support you. The Universe loves action and will support you always. The thing that allows the support and abundance flow to you more easily is being in alignment with your purpose and values.

“When you live according to your highest values you become inspired and awaken genius. When you live according to your lower values you require continuous outside motivation and you suppress your genius. Your present purpose or mission for life will reflect your present highest values.” Dr John Demartini Here is a great tool to help determine your values:

Here is how to determine your purpose in life: “go within” I’m sure that’s something Buddha would have said.

Drawing on Our Guides

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Whether you are aware of them or not, we all have own on personal spiritual entourage. This team offers assistance and guidance for our time in this existence. This team can consist of family members who have passed, angels, higher frequency beings and of course your higher self. Some are with us for a life-time and some come and go to assist with specific challenges and new phases in our life. They are the vibration of love and only want the best for us. Guides cannot “make” us do anything as we have free agency. They are merely there to hold space for us and offer guidance where required. Whether you listen to the guidance or not is totally up you.

I have recently re-discovered my love for drawing and have been privileged to communicate with and draw guides.  Here is a guide drawing and message.

Erawen - one of the ancients who originally resided where Wales & England now meet. She works with the pink ray of light. And is at a very high frequency She is an extremely powerful guide and has been with you since birth. She stands on your right hand side which you can sometime feel and helps you stand in your truth and Divine Feminine. She offers ancient wisdom and safe passage as you re-awaken and experiment with your psychic abilities and gifts. The message is "Keep experimenting and explore. This is where you will find your joy. Allow your mind to quieten. Your heart speaks softly but now is the time to listen and let is guide you. Your heart is wise beyond messure and vast through the dimentions. Draw on this wisom. The time is now."