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All That Is - Healing


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Meditation for Soul Inspiration

Posted on 4 April, 2019 at 16:35 Comments comments (1)

As we settle in to our daily routines it is important to include time for yourself. Taking time out for yourself to refocus your energy and rejuvenate your mind is so important in our busy lifestyles. Meditation of course is an amazingly productive time-out activity. Your meditation practice doesn't need to be long and arduous. Just a few minutes a day of mindfulness can ...

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Mastering the Light Within

Posted on 18 March, 2019 at 2:05 Comments comments (0)

The "light" that I am referring to is that part of divine existence that resides within you. Mastering this energy is about the gaining of skills and tools so we can move with the creative force of existence into divine flow. When we are willing to play and be clear about what we want, existence responds with the unfolding of opportunities, creative ideas and flow. Here ar...

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Do You Doubt Your Mystical Experiences?

Posted on 10 March, 2019 at 22:40 Comments comments (0)

A question I often get during my astral travel, meditation and healing workshops is “was that real or did I just make that up?” We often doubt our experiences or brush them aside thinking that what we witnessed was somehow made up in our minds.

Why would someone believe an experience they just witnessed would not be true? Self doubt, doubt that they are spec...

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New Course - Awaken Your Soul Purpose

Posted on 1 November, 2018 at 17:00 Comments comments (0)

10am – 4pm Sunday, 2nd December

Address: Harmony Body & Mind Centre, 14 Billabirra Cres, Nerang Exchange: $220

There are times in our lives when we feel frustrated, like there is something else that we are “supposed” to be doing. Some other expression of ourselves, something that is more fulfilling.

We have our jobs, our families, and our everyday commitments but som...

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I Am Connected

Posted on 25 August, 2018 at 4:15 Comments comments (0)

I Am Connected

This was my experience when I meditated on the phrase "I am connected". I went from meditation into astral with the mantra.

I saw neural pathways connecting the fabric of reality in front of me. I stood up and ran my hand along this woven fabric. It is malleable and on the other side I see a mirror reflection of my higher self.

I felt acceptance of where I am and...

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How To Cleanse, Deprogram and Program Crystals

Posted on 5 August, 2018 at 18:50 Comments comments (0)

Crystals are excellent teachers of vibration and provide beauty and energy for our homes. Unless you have fossicked a crystal yourself, by the time a crystal ends up in your personal collection, it has likely travelled a great distance and been handled by several people along the way. Cleansing your crystals is important to remove any trauma, negative energies and entities it may have come in contact with...

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Retrieving Soul Fragments

Posted on 15 July, 2018 at 20:40 Comments comments (0)

Soul fragments are pieces of residual life-force essence that have been left behind or exchanged with another person during highly emotional situations. As the soul learns the lessons of being in a physical body, it extends out into another persons space in an energetic exchange to help it understand the encounter. Leaving behind soul fragments. Trauma and arguments can have this effect but also in loving situations too. When ...

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Life On Earth

Posted on 22 September, 2017 at 19:10 Comments comments (0)

Do you feel like you just don’t belong here? Like none of this human stuff makes sense. You’re definitely not alone in feeling alien on this planet. Sometimes the human experience can be a little overwhelming if we don’t have a solid sense of grounding on earth. Anger, destruction, fear and greed are so far from what our true essence really is that it is difficult to fathom the cruel ways that people treat each other.

Some people are born on this planet...

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Why We Lose Drive to Achieve Our Goals

Posted on 4 September, 2017 at 0:10 Comments comments (1)

Have you ever created a goal that you were so passionate and excited about, only to lose interest several weeks or only moments later? I’m sure we’ve all experienced that multiple times, sometimes on a daily bases (those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves!).

There are so many factors that can contribute to failing our goals or even failing to start. These include; fear of failure (or success), negative programming and self-talk, childhood beliefs, i...

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Drawing on Our Guides

Posted on 20 August, 2017 at 0:35 Comments comments (0)

Whether you are aware of them or not, we all have own on personal spiritual entourage. This team offers assistance and guidance for our time in this existence. This team can consist of family members who have passed, angels, higher frequency beings and of course your higher self. Some are with us for a life-time and some come and go to assist with specific challenges and new phases in our life. They are the vibration of love and only want the best for us. Guides cannot “make” u...

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