Akashic Records

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The Akashic Records is a compendium of all universal events. It is a record of all lives ever lived, all thoughts ever thought, all feelings ever felt, all futures, presents, pasts and parallels.


Some describe it as a hall of records or an infinite library stored in the astral field. 


Once you gain access, you can open up the history and details of a person, animal, planet and more through all dimensions of time. Because there is so much information whooshing round it can be a little overwhelming to the senses unless you go in prepared. 


Having quality questions at the ready is the best way to receive specific  information such as:

  • How many past lives you have had?

  • What talents and abilities you have available on a soul level?

  • Are there messages and advice from your past incarnations?

  • Are there potential causes of disease or illness from past lives that are relevant to your current situation?

An Akashic Records Reading allows us insights into to the two most influential lives that are impacting your current life situations. It can provide context regarding the next steps to take in life, insights into life lessons and life purpose and it identifies any vows or contracts that are causing any blocks in this lifetime.


The information and detail received during a reading is phenomenal. It plays out like a movie and the images come through fast. So it differs in frequency to a psychic reading.


As the reading is given with the two most relevant past lives, you will notice some similarities with your current situations. It may reveal some repeating patterns like betrayal or ailments that have been caused by past births, deaths or injuries. When this type of information arises, we can release the trauma but keep the lessons through the Theta Healing technique.

Access to the Akash provides a bridge to the past. It offers clarity, insights and healing. Book a personal Akashic Records Reading with me or join us for our Astral Meditation Evening as we Journey into the Akashic Records.