All That Is - Healing

All That Is - Healing


Talia Stephens

Talia is an experienced teacher, healer, astral travel guide and meditation facilitator. She has assisted many people along their path of awakening and creates a warm and welcoming environment for her clients and students to enhance their intuition, healing, learning and expansion.

"It is such a privilege and an honour to be doing this amazing work. I am constantly in awe of how healing and meditation can transform people's lives.

The energy of All That Is moves through all things. This unlimited Source of unconditional love is available to each and everyone of us to assist with healing, manifesting and miracles.

For myself, this energy has helped to heal deep emotional wounds, improve my health and quality of life, help me out of a depressive state and release self-sabotaging programmes and beliefs I had that made me feel stuck. It was a complete paradigm shift into more positive thinking, the feeling of connectedness and taking responsibility for what I was manifesting in my life.

I have been a Theta Healing practitioner for three years and I have gained my qualifications as an instructor where I learnt directly from the creator of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal.

Before discovering Theta Healing I owned a photography business for around 10 years. Many lessons learnt! While I was a successful and talented photographer it still felt like something was missing. After going through what some might call "the dark night of the soul", I resurfaced with a greater sense of self, meaning and reawakened my spirituality through self healing with Theta.

I want to share this amazing energy with you. I know there are answers and healing available for you here and now. I work with awakening masters who will achieve great things in this life time. If you have goals that you want to accomplish, if you want to gain clarity on your purpose, if you feel stuck, if you have suffered past trauma or illness, or if you just want to feel better...l am here to help.

I facilitate a variety of workshops with ThetaHealing and I also teach Astral Travel & Meditation and Awaken Your Soul's Purpose with more new and exciting courses coming soon."


Theta Healing Instructor Certifications:
Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
Manifesting & Abundance

Theta Healing Practitioner Certifications:
Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
Manifesting & Abundance
Intuitive Anatomy
Game of Life

Other Certifications and Courses:
Certified Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner
Awaken The Illuminated Heart
Executive Certificate in Event Management