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Healing Through Self Mastery

You have everything you need to succeed in this life. I'm here to help clear away the illusions of old belief systems that have prevented you from seeing your value and moving forward.

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One-on-one healings and readings with Talia

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Theta Healing

Learn about Theta or become a practitioner

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Astral Travel

Learn to travel the dimensions



Life hacks and musing of an avid astral traveller

"I've no words to describe my gratitude. Talia is such a gifted, kind and compassionate healer. I have had such massive breakthroughs and shifts after every session I've had with Talia. so many things make sense now and I feel much lighter and as if I've broken free from the shackles of my past and SO MANY limiting beliefs...I've been to many (healers) and tried all different modalities and finally feel like I've found the right one for me! thank you Talia!"

Theta Healing Instructor & Practitioner

Inter-Dimensional Healer & Guide

Diamond Light Practitioner

Columnist for Holistic Bliss Magazine

Rahanni Celestial Healer


Healing Practitioner & Guide - Talia

Hello beautiful souls! I am a multi-dimensional healer and guide who has utilised the Theta Healing Technique since 2016.

I discovered the transformative and healing properties of theta after a two year stint of the dark night of the soul. Which lead me to move countries, change relationship status, close my businesses and become the fine specimen you see before you.

Jokes aside, I have learned many modalities in my lifetime and Theta is the one I use everyday simply because it works. It is gentle and swift and works in congruence with many cultural, religious and societal belief systems. Because it uses the frequency of love which is the highest truth beyond all of our human structures.

I certified as a Theta Instructor directly from the creator of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal, while in Mexico in 2018. I never intended to teach or do one-on-one healings, I just wanted to expand my knowledge and learn from Vianna. Yet, 6 years and we are!

I have witnessed amazing and wondrous things. I have seen people heal from abuse and trauma, witnessed instant healings from illness, seen relationships mend, seen the sparkle in someones eye when they have their 'aha' moments and seen people step boldly into their purpose after hiding in the shadows for a lifetime.


Speaking of weird astral and inter-dimensional stuff, I was invited to write some of my astral musing for Holistic Bliss Magazine and I have taught many people how to access the dimensions and astral realms consciously through meditation.

I am driven by my curiosity of the human experience, exploring the dimensions and the expansion of consciousness for all.

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